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Meet the team:  focus on Dee

As the Foundation Lead, Dee Moskoff's  focus in SocialCauses is the NGO sector, specifically NGO product requirements, partner acquisitions and advocacy. Dee has spent the last 28 years in the South African non-profit sector, building cohesion, capacity, and synergy and has become an expert in NGO start-up and development.  

Dee finds pleasure in getting things done properly and reducing clutter; she particularly loves to see technology bridge the divide between those who do not have access to resources and those who do.  Experience has shown her that engaging with and listening to those who are experts in their own space leads to sustainable solutions.  


With an MA in Public Administration, following a BA Honours in Development studies and Dip Nursing Science (midwifery and paediatric primary health care), along with her extensive NGO experience, Dee is well equipped for any issues facing the foundation. When not fixing broken systems, she can be found creating something, somewhere. 


Q&A with Dee 

Favourite thing to do when you’re not working? 

Creating garments, hiking in the mountains, entertaining  


 Favourite place in the world? 

 Esmeralda coast Sardegna Italy (her husband is Italian!) 


 If you could solve one world problem, which would you solve? 

 Every child would be safe, nurtured and have chance to reach their potential  


 Best thing about South Africa... 

 The heart of the people and the magnificent environment