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SocialCauses Foundation

We're on a mission to find, implement, and fund technology solutions which enable NGOs to function more efficiently and effectively



We're an African-based tech company on a mission to accelerate a thriving social sector, and in so doing – change lives, and transform communities. 

 Our goal is, by 2025, to enable 1,000 donors to supercharge the capacity and capability of​ 10,000 NPOs ​to do good in communities affecting at least 1,000,000 Africans

Our goal is, by 2025, to enable 1,000 donors to supercharge the capacity and capability of​ 10,000 NPOs ​to do good in communities affecting at least 1,000,000 people.

1,000 Donors

By providing a digital marketplace for matching needs with resources we help donors invest strategically 

10,000 NPOs

By delivering tech for NPO compliance, visibility and access to resources, we help increase the number of beneficiaries accessing NPO services

Policy Makers

By capturing real-time big data about the NPO sector, we provide policy makers with insights around NPO's social and economic contribution to GDP, SDGs, ESGs and B-BBEE

NP/GO: Grant Maker software

For grant makers, it offers enhanced governance by ensuring compliance, streamlines operations through automation, and empowers data-driven decision-making to optimise social return on investment.

For grant seekers, it simplifies and accelerates the process of accessing grant funding, making the entire grant ecosystem more efficient and effective.


Employee volunteering software

Enables CSI and HR departments to mobilise employees as volunteers, and manage Employee Volunteering Programs efficiently, effectively, and at scale.


Community chatbots

Improves communication and engagement across stakeholder networks at scale, driving improved connection and trust.


SocialCauses Foundation

Helps NPOs accelerate their efforts by investing in tech capacity building initiatives.


To be effective, NGOs need…

Strong foundational capabilities
Organizational resilience based on financial health
 Effective program delivery

What SocialCauses Foundation does


Provides insights through data

We acquire data to provide aggregated insights to NGO’s operations and programme implementation

Promotes use of technology by NGOs

We enable operational efficiencies of NGOs, improved compliance, transparency, and agility



Makes grants

We support operational capacity of NGOs and micro-to small technology initiatives

Curates interventions

We curate and fund interventions to assist NGOs address their capacity gaps



Partners to drive sector value

We partner where possible with supporting, complimentary and funding entities  

Registration details


SocialCauses Foundation

Registration number: 2021/853870/08 NPC

B-BBEE Status: Level 1 contributor

PBO number: 930074076 with Section 18A status


Speak to us

Whether you’re looking to find out more about how you can use our technologies in your own programmes, partner with us, or learn more about our work, we’d love to hear from you.